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Doctor Strange 2 foreshadowed Scarlet Witch villain role in a cool way

In the Disney Plus audio commentary for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, producer Richie Palmer reveals a fascinating Easter egg

scarlet witch eye doctor strange 2

It wasn’t immediately obvious that the Scarlet Witch was the villain in Doctor Strange 2 — with Stephen even offering to get her back on the Avengers lunchbox — but according to Richie Palmer, a producer of the MCU movie, there was a subtle Easter Egg in the fantasy movie‘s beginning sequence that foreshadowed Wanda’s role in the film.

As we know, Christine Palmer’s wedding is interrupted by the appearance of the Garangatos: a minor Marvel comics character that, presumably, was meant as a stand-in for the visually-similar Doctor Strange foe the Shuma-Gorath (which Disney doesn’t have the rights for). In the Marvel movie, the Garangatos, which was eventually defeated by Dr Strange and Wong, was sent by the Scarlet Witch to kidnap America Chavez — although the audience didn’t know that at the time.

However,  Palmer explained in the Disney Plus audio commentary for Doctor Strange 2 that, in order to foreshadow Wanda Maximoff’s villainous role in the movie, the production team used a scan of Elizabeth Olsen’s eyes in order to make Gargantos’ eyeball.

In Doctor Strange 2, the Scarlet Witch is trying to capture and kill America Chavez because of her multiverse-hopping powers: which she wants to use for herself in order to find and live in a universe where she is able to be with Billy and Tommy: the two children she made using Chaos Magic during the events of Disney Plus series WandaVision.

Because they were made as part of Wanda’s curse on Westview, when the curse was lifted, the boys ceased to exist in Earth-616. Ultimately, Maximoff sees the error of her ways by the end of Doctor Strange 2, but her fate is left ambiguous — find out more in our guide to the Scarlet Witch’s fate here.