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“F*ck the piss takers” Benedict Cumberbatch hits back after fans compare him to Ali G

Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch's photoshoot for W magazine showed him in a yellow bucket hat and shirt — which led to an unfortunate comparison

benedict cumberbatch ali g

Benedict Cumberbatch has hit back after a recent magazine photoshoot sparked discussions online, with many comparing the pictures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe actor to Ali G, a satirical character made by comedy actor Sacha Baron Cohen in the 90’s. The photoshoot was done as part of a feature for W Magazine in January 2022.

In the images, which were photographed by Tim Walker, Cumberbatch can be seen wearing a yellow bucket hat, tinted yellow glasses and a floral grey and yellow polo shirt. In some pictures, he poses next to daisies. However, the snaps probably didn’t garner the reaction he expected, as several Twitter users compared Cumberbatch’s get-up to Ali-G, who is known for his iconic yellow tracksuit and tinted sunglasses.

In an appearance on Times Radio on February 4, Cumberbatch was pretty frank about what he thought of the comparisons. “F*** the p**s takers,” he said. ” “I’d love to know what their version of a good photograph would be.” He continued by adding that he doesn’t have to “defend” photographer Tim Walker’s choices, and said he found it “freeing” that he could “surrende[r] [him]self to an artist’s concept.”

However, The Power of the Dog star did admit that the get-up wasn’t his usual style. “You won’t be seeing me walking around in a Fendi bucket [hat], or whatever it was, anytime soon,” he said. “Or a ten-gallon hat that doesn’t fit my rather large head anyway . . . But I’d do anything for Tim, I really would.”

If you want to catch Benedict Baron-Cohen — sorry, we mean Cumberbatch — back on the big screen, your next chance will be May 6 2022, where he will be starring in MCU Phase 4  fantasy movie Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness.