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Ninth Leprechaun movie in the works (yes, there’s been that many)

Another Leprechaun horror movie, the ninth in the overall series, is in early development with Lionsgate actively looking for pitches

Linden Porco in Leprechaun Returns

Lionsgate is searching for its next pot o’ gold with the Leprechaun horror movies. After 2018’s Leprechaun Returns, another instalment is being tinkered with, though it’s still early days on the prospective monster movie.

Bloody Disgusting states that Lionsgate is “actively seeking out pitches” for where the murderous Irish fairy might pop up next. The eponymous creature was given a new lease of life in Steven Kostanski’s Leprechauns Returns, where he got to mow down a selection of hapless young college students in increasingly bloody ways. We won’t go into details, but suffice it to say solar panels and drones are utilised in ways not typical of their design.

The ending left it open for this iteration, played by Linden Porco, to continue menacing bystanders in his quest for his gold coins. Leprechaun has had some ups and downs – mostly downs – since debuting in 1993. Over the proceeding eight films, it’s been just about everywhere you can imagine within the United States, including outer space. Though the films have rarely been good, they’ve retained a mischievous quality that’s bred a fervent cult following.

Obviously, that fanbase is enough to warrant consideration of more sequels. Some filmmakers have been vocal about wanting in, like Darren Bousman, who directed Repo! The Genetic Opera, and several of the Saw films.

“I would make a more direct sequel to the Leprechaun franchise. I would not reboot it,” Bousman told Bloody Disgusting in 2021. “I don’t want to do that. I would demand that Warwick Davis come back. I wouldn’t do it without him.” A Leprechaun legacy sequel, ala Halloween 2018? After he survived taking orbit, we’ll believe anything.

We’ll keep you informed of what’s next for Leprechaun. In the meantime, have a read of the best Netflix horror movies.