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Hunter Schafer would like to star in Legend of Zelda movie

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer has said she thinks it'd be cool to star in a hypothetical Legend of Zelda movie as she liked the games growing up

Hunter Schafer and Zelda

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer has said she thinks it’d be cool to star in a Legend of Zelda movie. While Schafer’s not officially been linked with any live-action Zelda film, her fans have imagined her in the hypothetical fantasy movie ever since she went to a Vanity Fair party looking like she’d just gotten off the bus from Hyrule.

When asked about the fan-casting by Entertainment Tonight, she seemed up for it. “Wow, I mean, yeah, that would be cool,” Schafer said. “Like an elf, and I played that videogame a bunch when I was a kid. That’s such a good game.”

Unfortunately for Schafer, a Legend of Zelda movie isn’t on the cards just yet. Netflix was reportedly working on a live-action TV series in 2015. However, things didn’t quite go to plan. According to a report by Collider, a leak by The Wall Street Journal of all places derailed the show and other Nintendo spin-offs before they could even get off the ground.

Hunter Schafer and Adam Conover, who was working on a Starfox animated series, told the story on The Serf Times podcast. “There were reports Netflix wasn’t going to do its Legend of Zelda anymore,” Conover explained.

“I was like ‘what happened?’ And then I heard from my boss we weren’t doing our Star Fox anymore. I was like, ‘what happened?’. He was like, ‘someone at Netflix leaked the Legend of Zelda thing. They weren’t supposed to talk about it. Nintendo freaked out,” he continued. “They pulled the plug on everything, the entire programme to adapt these things.”

It’s hardy surprising, Nintendo has always been very protective of its property, only recently greenlighting an animated movie based on the Super Mario Bros. game.

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