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Jordan Peele was a comedy series star before making horror movies

Some fans might not realize the director of some of the best horror movies, Jordan Peele, was the star of a comedy series before getting behind the camera.

Jordan Peele in Key & Peele

Jordan Peele is a well-known talent among fans of the best horror movies, but some from the younger crowd might not realize he was a comedy series star before stepping behind the camera to make the likes of Get Out and Nope.

Even if you don’t know what exactly the show was, you’ve probably seen a meme or two circulating from some of its funniest bits. And Jordan Peele was heavily involved.

Now one of the most exciting directors in Hollywood, he was previously on Key & Peele, one of the best comedy series of the 2010s — if internet longevity is a deciding factor — alongside Keegan-Michael Key.

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The Comedy Central show premiered in 2012 and ran for a total of five seasons. Key & Peele was a sketch comedy, and the skits tackled everything from systemic racism to silly reality TV shows with irreverent humor. In the US, you can stream all seasons on Hulu.

If you’ve seen that gif of Peele sweating an absurd amount under a few viral tweets, now you know the source, you can watch it above. It’s a very adult show… so maybe don’t hit play in the office.

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