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Fans demand return of Jeremy Renner app after Twitter sale

Elon Musk buying Twitter has caused people to question their commitment to the social media platform and they're looking for a new home, the Jeremy Renner app

Jeremy Renner App

By now, you probably know that Twitter has accepted a $44 billion deal that will give Elon Musk control over the social media giant. The deal immediately alarmed Musk’s critics, who believe that the billionaire’s comments on free speech mean he will look to deregulate the site, potentially even allowing for hate speech.

This has led to a wave of people claiming they’ll quit Twitter – including some high profile users like She-Hulk star Jameela Jamil. The question is, though, where will all these disenfranchised souls go now they’ve lost access to the best social media platform (I’m sorry Instagram users, your digital photo albums bore me, and I’m not afraid to say it).

Well, don’t go digging out your old MySpace or Bebo password just yet because the Internet has found a better solution. Why don’t all the old Twitter users head over to MCU star Jeremy Renner’s app? Surely if anywhere online could be the last true safe space it’s an app designed to allow fans to talk to an action movie star.

Now Twitter user Coolsandstorm has identified at least one problem with this idea. Renner’s app shut down in 2019, but it seems clear to me at least that the Hawkeye star has a solemn duty to bring back it back.

I mean, where else would people share every random thought if they’re not on Twitter? What will happen to the journalists howling into the void in the hope of getting noticed if they can’t tweet their work? It’s a world that doesn’t bear thinking about.

Check out people trying to bring back Renner’s app here:

Unfortunately, if we go back to Renner’s place, we all need to buck up our ideas. A cursory Google shows that the app shut down after just two years because of all the bullying on the platform. We have to be better than that, people!

It’d also be great if Renner does bring the app back if he could not include the micro-transactions he did last time. Those sucked. If you like actual film news rather than a rambling attempt to be amusing, why not check out our article, MCU movies ranked.