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Jeff Goldblum says “you’re welcome” for shirtless Jurassic Park scene

Our favorite member of the Jurassic Park cast, Jeff Goldblum, said the world is welcome for his iconic sweaty shirtless scene

Topless Jeff Goldblum

Our favorite member of the Jurassic Park cast, Jeff Goldblum, said the world is welcome for his iconic shirtless scene. While speaking to Vanity Fair, along with Sam Neill and Laura Dern, the Jurassic World star was asked about his topless scene – which has become something of a meme online.

Neill immediately called the scene “the bleeding Michelangelo Adonis”, with Dern joking they CGI’d the muscles on, but Goldblum had another reaction. In a typically Goldblum way, he simply replied, “I don’t remember how it came to be. I have no idea.… It just happened somehow. I’m sorry, for better or worse. I apologise profusely. Or…you’re welcome?”

You might be wondering how we can say “typically”. Well, I can confirm that I once spent ten minutes interviewing Goldblum for the MCU fantasy movie Thor: Ragnarok. During those beautiful ten minutes, Goldblum was wonderfully charming, telling me I had the hair of a young Tom Cruise, and inviting me to attend his jazz club the following Tuesday, an invite I failed to take him up on because I live in Manchester. One day I’ll make it, Jeff, I promise.

Anyway, name dropping aside, we should all thank Steven Spielberg for the shirtless scene because it allowed Goldblum to weaponise it during the 2020 US elections. On Instagram, Goldblum asked his fans to register to vote, and in exchange, he would recreate the iconic pose.


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True to his word Goldblum recreated the image after nearly 3,000 people registered. “Wow! Thank you to everyone who used my HeadCount page to make sure that you’re good to vote,” he wrote on Instagram. “Nearly 3,000 of you are ready for this November’s election. Here’s your reward. How time flies.”

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