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Hugh Jackman’s daughter isn’t a fan of his dancing

Hugh Jackman might know his way around a musical, but his own daughter had some harsh words on the moves he planned for new drama movie The Son

Hugh Jackman in the Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman has made his share of musicals, with one currently running on Broadway right now. You’d think that makes him a good singer and dancer, and to most of us that might be the case, but his kids are less enthused. Apparently, his daughter isn’t his biggest fan.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the former X-Men actor explained that his moves aren’t a hit in his household. “I did say to my daughter that I have this scene, and the only clue I have [for the character’s approach] is that there’s a famous hip sway,” he explained. “I said, ‘I’ve been workshopping a few ideas, what do you think?’ I started to do it and she goes, ‘Dad, is the idea that you’re doing nerdy dad dancing?'”

Ouch. Funnily enough, this isn’t for an actual song, it’s part of upcoming drama movie The Son. Jackman and Laura Dern play divorced parents Peter and Kate Miller, who struggle when their son, Nicholas, displays some antagonistic behaviour.

The moment in question has Jackman do an embarrassing dance in front of Dern, and fellow co-stars Vanessa Kirby and Anthony Hopkins. When he confirmed the vibe to his daughter, she responded: “You’ve got it, just roll the camera!”

The thriller movie is directed by Florian Zeller, as his follow-up to awards favourite The Father, which also featured Hopkins. Evidently, Zeller has a flare for tight-knit familiar troubles.

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The official synopsis for The Son reads: “A couple of years after his parents’ divorce, 17-year-old Nicholas no longer feels he can stay with his mother, Kate. He moves in with his father Peter and Peter’s new partner Beth. Juggling work, his and Beth’s new baby, and the offer of his dream job in Washington, Peter tries to care for Nicholas as he wishes his own father had cared for him. But by reaching for the past to correct its mistakes, he loses sight of how to hold onto the Nicholas in the present.”

The Son opens in US theatres November 11. Check out the best family movies for something a little easier to watch.