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Dan Stevens calls out Boris Johnson on BBC’s The One Show

During an interview on The One Show to promote his new TV series, Dan Stevens shocked viewers with a hilarious joke aimed at Boris Johnson

Dan Stevens calls out Boris Johnson on BBC's The One Show

It’s pretty standard for actors to go on various shows and give interviews in the build up to the launch of their new movie or TV series. Dan Stevens was doing just that, when he appeared on BBC’s The One Show recently, but he put a little spin on his interview, when he shocked viewers with a joke aimed at current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Stevens is set to appear in the drama series Gaslit, which tells the story of US President Richard Nixon, and the controversies that surrounded his presidential reign, with a particular focus on the Watergate scandal. The actor, who is well known for his roles in Downton Abbey, and the thriller movie The Guest, was asked what his new show is all about, and had a rather tongue-in-cheek reply.

Presenters Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas introduced Stevens, explaining the premise of his new series Gaslit, and were eager to learn more about the project. But, Stevens had them all fooled with his response, before eventually revealing his politically-motivated punchline.

“What you’ve got is a criminal for a leader, who is wrapped in a messy war, embroiled in a stupid scandal, and surrounded by ambitious idiots,” Stevens explained. “He really should resign,” the actor added.

So far so good, that would definitely apply to the Nixon regime and the scandalous behaviour. But, Stevens wasn’t finished there. He stops himself, and appears confused, before landing the punchline.

“No, I’m sorry. That’s the introduction to Boris Johnson. I’ve just said the intro to Boris Johnson, I’m so sorry,” Stevens said, with a perfectly straight face, as the presenters look on in horror.

Stevens was of course referencing the fact that Johnson has various controversies of his own, in particular the recent scandal of having parties at Downing Street during the pandemic, and the fact that he is the first sitting Prime Minister ever to officially break the law.

The first episode of Gaslit is set to air on April 24, 2022 on StarzPlay. We have to admit, this little joke by Dan Stevens is arguably the best promotion he could have given the series, as we’re sure everyone is now frantically looking it up.