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Futurama fans rally around John DiMaggio following recasting news

Good news everybody! Futurama has been saved from the purgatory of TV cancellation once again but John DiMAggio may not be back

Futurama's Bender and cast

Good news everybody! Futurama has been saved from the purgatory of TV cancellation once again. Even better news most of the original cast are returning – including Billy West and Katy Siegel who voiced Fry and Leela respectively. The bad news? Well, John DiMaggio who played Bender Bending Rodríguez may not be coming back.

According to Deadline while the rest of the animated series’s voice cast were able to strike a deal with 20th Century Animation negotiations didn’t run as smoothly with DiMaggio. As things stand he will not be returning for the sci-fi series eighth season and his characters have been recast ahead of a table read.

The news that DiMaggio isn’t returning has caused consternation amongst Futurama fans who are delighted their favourite TV series is returning but horrified at the prospect of the iconic robotic felon sounding, well, a bit weird.  Some fans went so far as to say they’d boycott the new series unless DiMaggio was rehired before it airs in late 2023.

Here’s a collection of reactions to DiMaggio’s departure: 

For his part, DiMaggio has kept relatively quiet on the subject. He did let fans know he was grateful for the support writing on Twitter, “Thanks for the concern and the props, everyone. I really appreciate it.”

Still, not all is lost. There’s plenty of time for 20th Century Animation and DiMaggio to strike a bargain. The Independent has reported that both sides are keen to find a resolution to the impasse so who knows maybe Bender will ride again.