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Tom Holland teases Euphoria cameo may have already happened

In a Buzzfeed puppy interview, Tom Holland teases that his Euphoria cameo may have already happened, and fans are convinced it was in episode seven

Tom Holland and Euphoria

Euphoria fans are desperate for star Zendaya’s boyfriend – a little-known English actor named Thomas Stanley Holland – to get a role in their favourite teen angst show, or at least a little cameo, maybe as a background extra? Well, eagle-eyed viewers are convinced that it may have happened in episode seven and Holland himself has dropped hints and teases that it could have already happened.

In Holland’s latest Buzzfeed interview, in which he is constantly distracted by an excitable pile of puppies who are obsessed with chewing his $1800 Louboutins, Holland says; “I would be in Euphoria. I think I would be a really good Maddy,” he said of the character portrayed by actress Alexa Demie. “I’m a big Euphoria fan. I love the show and I love season two. I visited a lot while they were shooting it and I really, really enjoyed it.”

Holland added, “I would love to guest star or just be an extra in it. Or maybe I am and you just don’t know.” Fans of the show are convinced that Holland is in the audience of Lexi’s (Maude Apatow) play in episode seven, in which she reveals all of her friend’s secrets via interpretative dance.

In an interview with IMDb in December, Holland said “I must have come to visit (the set of) Euphoria at least 30 times this season.” So the chances of him making it into the background of a shot seem pretty high.

Euphoria has a very different atmosphere to the family-friendly MCU movies, in which Holland plays Peter Parker and Zendaya plays MJ. In Euphoria, Zendaya plays drug addict Rue and the show is extremely sexually explicit. Holland has branched out into a few more adult roles recently, including The Devil All the Time, Chaos Walking and Cherry.

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