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Save over $100 on one of the best soundbars in 2021

Sony's soundbar has a great price that's been significantly reduced on Amazon

Sony HT-X8500 soundbar

One the best soundbars currently available, the Sony HT-X8500 has a strong discount at the moment. The kit is selling for 25% off on Amazon US, reducing the standard price by over $100. Amazon UK has a slightly smaller discount, but still available at just over £70 off.

Compatible with Dolby Atmos, this bar has the power to upscale all sound to its 7.1.2 channels. This means all the best movies and TV series will be enhanced, giving you rounder music, dialogue, and effects that deepens your viewing experience. Seven different modes give you some choice over how you want whatever you're watching to sound, making it a very solid choice if you're a bit of a movie buff or chronic binge-watcher with varied taste.

On that note, 4K HDR pass-through allows for lossless audio with any 4K Ultra HD versions you happen to watch. A built-in subwoofer removes the need for more speakers if you want to pump the bass, and bluetooth connectivity lets you turn it into a sound system from your phone.

Perhaps the best part is how simple and easy it is to set up. The bar itself is a sleek, understated affair that’ll nestle under any of the best TVs, and the single input HDMI connection removes all the fuss of setting it. Pick it up, hook it up, enjoy.

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This was already one of the better soundbars for sheer value, with a discounted price, it’s among the best you’ll find anywhere. If you’d like next day delivery, you can sign up for an Amazon Prime fee trial through our affiliate link here. We don’t know how long this offer will be available for so if you’re looking for a good soundbar at a better price, better sooner than later.