Save 66% on this ARTSEA 5G Wi-Fi projector with iPhone and gaming console support

Amazon is offering 66% this ARTSEA 5G Wi-Fi projector, complete with iPhone and gaming console support

Save 66% off on this ARTSEA 5G Wi-Fi projector

Finding a quality projector can be an expensive endeavour, but luckily you can now save up to $330.30 on a shiny new ARTSEA model, thanks to this deal. Amazon is currently offering 66% off this 1080P wireless projector that offers a ton of convenient features, including gaming consoles, and iPhone support and synchronisation.

The projector enables you to synchronise to your smartphone screen, and supports 5G Wi-Fi bringing you a lag-free streaming experience from the comfort of your own home. However, if you decide to take this projector outside and have no Wi-Fi near you in the great outdoors, fear not, it also lets you plug in your phone to a USB port – letting you enjoy all your iPhone’s features on a projected big screen no matter the circumstances.

Speaking of big screens, the ARTSEA model has a 300 projection size, making sure that you can enjoy a widescreen projected picture, and giving you the chance to set up the perfect home cinema on a budget. It also supports 1080p Ultra HD resolution and 4K picture quality, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice anything when it comes to the clarity and detail of all your favourite TV series and movies.

Another big bonus that this projector offers is all its compatibility features. As said before, you can link your phone to it, but you can also synchronise a number of different gaming consoles. Roku Sticks, Fire-TV, Chromecast and more can also be linked to the projector – so really, what more could you ask for? It is worth noting that this deal only applies to US customers. If you are in the UK, fear not; we will update you as soon as this projector hits Amazon’s UK based marketplace.

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Amazon hasn’t said when this deal expires, so it’s best to act soon if you are interested in picking up this projector, and I mean, with 66% off, who wouldn’t be? For more high-quality pictures, why not read our guide to the best projectors out there right now.

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