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What is the Flux in Doctor Who?

The latest episode of Doctor Who, 'Wild Blue Yonder' saw The Doctor taken to the edge of the universe and reckon with his past and the Flux.

David Tennant as The Doctor

What is the Flux in Doctor Who? If you’ve just tuned back into Doctor Who after a few years, convinced by the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate, you probably have a few questions after the latest episode ‘Wild Blue Yonder’.

That’s not because it was confusing (OK, maybe it was a bit confusing) but because it referenced lore from the past few years of Doctor Who. Namely, the episode dropped a mention of the Flux. That was necessary because it tied together the two eras, but it might have also lost some viewers along the way. So, here’s everything you need to know about The Doctor‘s past with the Flux.

The Flux in Doctor Who, explained

The Flux is a destructive wave that collapsed half of the universe, in an attempt to kill the 13th Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker.

If that sounds dramatic and bombastic, that’s because it was. The Flux was a core plotline throughout the 13th Doctor’s truncated final season, which followed a single arc as The Doctor and her companions navigated and investigated the anomaly.

The Flux was unleashed by Division (enemies of The Doctor led by Tecteun) in an attempt to destroy The Doctor for meddling in the affairs of the galaxy. The fact that this then led to such immense destruction left The Doctor with lingering guilt, as the 13th and 14th attempted to come to terms with what it meant for their role in the galaxy, and whether or not they can be considered a force for good.

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Therefore when the Flux is mentioned in the latest episode of Doctor Who, ‘Wild Blue Yonder’, we see The Doctor reckoning with its impact. Clearly, the 14th Doctor is still uncertain about his own past and is still coming to terms with it.

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