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Rose Noble in Doctor Who explained: who is Donna’s daughter?

Doctor Who is back, and the first 60th anniversary special has introduced us to Donna's daughter Rose Noble. Here's what you need to know.

Yasmin Finney as Rose Noble in Doctor Who

Here’s everything you need to know about Rose Noble in Doctor Who. With a new era of Doctor Who now here, that means new characters too.

The first of Doctor Who‘s new three specials, ‘The Star Beast’ reintroduced us all to The Doctor and Donna Noble (also known as the best Doctor Who companion ever), as well as Donna’s daughter Rose. Rose gets a lot of focus in the new episode and has a major role to play in the conclusion. So, let’s unpack everything you need to know about her as the dust settles on the new episode.

Who is Rose Noble?

Portrayed by Heartstopper’s Yasmin Finney, Rose Noble is Donna Noble and Shaun Temple’s daughter.

Rose is in her mid-teens and is talented at crafts. She uses her time and talent to create creatures out of fabric and wool from an outside shed, and sells them online to support her family’s income. In particular, there’s a woman in Abu Dhabi who buys her wears.

Intelligent, resourceful, and kind Rose Noble is also trans, and though she receives total support from her mother and father, she often feels lonely because she sees herself as being different from a lot of her peers, and is called names by kids at her school.

Rose Noble in The Star Beast

Rose Noble plays an important role in ‘The Star Beast’ as it’s her who first meets Beep the Meep, and takes the creature under her care before its deceit is revealed. Additionally, when The Doctor reunites with Donna it’s revealed that Rose has inherited Donna’s Time Lord energy.

This means that when The Doctor unlocks Donna’s memories, he also unlocks them in Rose too. But even before that, some of Donna’s memories had filtered through and Rose was creating toys that looked like aliens seen by Donna, had crafted her shed to look like the TARDIS, and chose the name Rose. So in the end, with the Time Lord energy split between them, both Donna and Rose were able to survive Donna recovering from her memories.

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Will Rose Noble return to Doctor Who?

Hopefully, Rose Noble will return in the remaining two specials for the Doctor Who 60th anniversary. However, whether or not we’ll see her again hasn’t been confirmed for certain.

That said, with Donna now wrapped up with The Doctor once again we’d be extremely surprised if we’d already seen the last of Rose Noble. And, actually, we’re expecting her to have a recurring role in future seasons of Doctor Who too as a supporting character, serving as a thread of continuity between the present and The Doctor’s past.

So, give us more Rose Noble! She might never end up as an official companion, but there’s a lot more space for her character to grow alongside The Doctor in a one-off adventure every now and then.

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