Neil Patrick Harris’ villain in Doctor Who 60th anniversary explained

Here's everything we know about the identity of Neil Patrick Harris villain in the upcoming Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials. Lots of exciting speculation.

Who is Neil Patrick Harris' villain in Doctor Who?

Who is Neil Patrick Harris’ villain in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary. Here’s everything we know about Harris’ Doctor Who character after the latest trailer just dropped.

The Doctor Who 60th anniversary release date is getting closer and closer, and the hype is real. Doctor Who fans have had plenty to speculate on over the past few months, with new trailers and images a plenty. But before we start thinking too far ahead with the Doctor Who season 14 release date, we need to deal with the return of David Tennant as the 14th Doctor. And just who, exactly, is Neil Patrick Harris playing in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary?

Who is Neil Patrick Harris’ villain in Doctor Who?

The identity of Neil Patrick Harris’ villain in the upcoming Doctor Who 60th anniversary special has not been confirmed. However, there’s plenty of exciting speculation as to who the actor could be playing.

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First, and least likely, is the idea that Neil Patrick Harris’ Doctor Who villain is a new incarnation of The Master. The only real evidence supporting this idea is that Russell T Davies has stated Harris will be playing The Doctor’s greatest enemy yet. Despite that, it just doesn’t suit what we’ve seen from Harris’ villain in trailers, who seems to have a entirely unique identity.

Then, there’s the theory that Harris is starring as the Celestial Toymaker. This is a villain from Doctor Who’s deep past, and the evidence for this is based on the fact that Harris’ characters has been surrounded by toys and other related imagery.

There are plenty more theories (an alternate version of The Doctor, for example) but the most likely scenario – in our humble opinion – is that Harris is playing a brand new villain. This would be the most exciting option, and would kick off the new Russell T Davies era with something fresh. As the 13th Doctor would say: brilliant

That’s all we know about Neil Patrick Harris in Doctor Who. For more on the best TV series around, check out our picks for the scariest Doctor Who episodes, as well as our ranking of The Doctors and our ranking of the Doctor Who companions. Controversy lies ahead!