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Neil Patrick Harris’ villain in Doctor Who 60th anniversary explained

Here's everything we know about the exciting identity of Neil Patrick Harri's villain in the upcoming Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials.

Who is Neil Patrick Harris' villain in Doctor Who?

Who does Neil Patrick Harris play in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials? Doctor Who is big again, and having Neil Patrick Harris as a major part of the cast proves it.

Ever since the first trailer for the David Tennant specials dropped Doctor Who fans have been endlessly speculating about the identity of Patrick Harris’s villain. Ahead of the Doctor Who 60th anniversary release date in late November, we unpack everything you need to know.

Who is Neil Patrick Harris’ villain in Doctor Who?

Neil Patrick Harris stars as the villainous Toymaker in the upcoming Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials, confirming months of fan-led speculation. Described as The Doctor’s greatest enemy the Celestial Toymaker is a villain from Doctor Who’s deep past.

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The Toymaker (who must surely have a hand in creating Lego Doctor Who sets?) was faced by the first Doctor, as seen in the archival clip above. He can manipulate time and space to toy with his opponents, focussing on creating challenges similar to games. In the trailers for the 60th anniversary specials, we see the Toymaker surrounded by toys and apparently in a workshop, where he appears to be crafting them.

Neil Patrick Harris’ version of the character has been given a fresh lick of paint, but expect him to be just as tricky and villainous. Prior to the announcement, fans had speculated that Patrick Harris could be playing a new version of The Master or a brand new villain.

That’s all we know about Neil Patrick Harris in Doctor Who. For more on the best TV series around, check out our picks for the scariest Doctor Who episodes, as well as our ranking of The Doctors and our ranking of the Doctor Who companions. Controversy lies ahead!