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Jodie Whittaker’s last Doctor Who episode is a “huge treat”

Jodie Whittaker promises that her final outing as the Doctor will be a huge treat for proper fans, as it brings back some beloved characters

Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor

Jodie Whittaker is gearing up for her final farewell as the Doctor in the beloved sci-fi series, which will surely be an emotional rollercoaster. Speaking to Empire magazine, she promises that Whovians will have plenty to look forward to – with the return of some beloved companions of yesteryear, and some classic enemies to boot.

The 90-minute special episode, which is expected to be aired in October 2022, is called The Power of the Doctor. It will also mark the end of showrunner Chris Chibnall’s time with the series. It is set to be quite the event, bringing back Janet Fielding as Tegan (1981-84) and Sophie Aldred as Ace (1987-89). It’s also going to have the Cybermen, Daleks and Sacha Dawan’s The Master as the villains.

“It’s one for the Whovians. It’s a huge treat if you’re a proper fan. It’s got all the iconic things that you associate with Doctor Who. It’s massive,” says Whittaker. It sounds as though it will be a fitting conclusion for Whittaker’s Doctor before Ncuti Gatwa takes over next year. The 60th anniversary specials, likely to air in November 2023, will introduce Gatwa and Yasmin Finney as his companion Rose. David Tennant and Catherine Tate will guest star.

Speaking of her finale, Whittaker continues; “I love the dialogue Chris wrote for my regeneration. It captures my Doctor beautifully. It’s simple, epic and beautiful.” It’s a sequence Whittaker says is all delivered in one long take. “When I could see the crew was happy with that last shot, that’s when my bottom lip started going. I was like, ‘Well, they can’t say they need another take now because I’ve fucking lost it!’”

Whittaker has played the role since 2017, and taken fans through three full seasons plus multiple specials. After 55 years of white men playing the role, we have now had the first woman Doctor, who will be followed by the first Black Doctor.

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