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Indina Menzel would “love” to do Frozen 3

Indina Menzel has echoed Kristen Bell's comments that she'd love to do Frozen 3, in Menzel's case so she can pay for his son's college, she jests

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Indina Menzel has added fuel to a fire started by Kristen Bell, who “officially announced with zero authority” that Frozen 3 was happening when she appeared on Jimmy Fallon in June 2022.

Speaking to Menzel, Fallon says; “We had Kristen Bell on the show not too long ago and she ‘unofficially confirmed,’ with no backing or truth to it, that Frozen 3 is happening,” and Menzel responds; “I can unofficially claim with no backing, that there’ll be a Frozen 4 and 5!”

Menzel continues; “I’d love it [if there were a Frozen 3] because I’d like to pay for my son’s college.” Given that the first Frozen made nearly $1.3 billion and Frozen II made $1.45 billion, a third movie feels like an inevitability. They did leave a long gap – of six years – between the first and second movies, which seemed like an odd decision because the fans of the first one had aged out by the time the sequel arrived. Clearly, the box office reflects that there was very much still an appetite for it though.

The potential for further storylines set in Arendelle seems vast. We never got much information on Kristoff’s potentially fascinating backstory with the trolls. Also, it was highly suspicious how well Kristoff seemed to get on with the Northuldran people, who were also reindeer obsessed. Could Kristoff’s real parents have escaped before Arendelle trapped the tribe?

There’s also the not-small matter of Anna and Kristoff’s wedding that fans would love to see, and there’s lots of potential in terms of their future and maybe having a family together.

It’s clear that Bell, Menzel, as well as Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad would enthusiastically return for more icy adventures in Arendelle. So, what’s the hold up Disney? Just announce it already!

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