Just Beyond season 2 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more

The anthology horror series was a hit when it dropped in October 2021, here's what we know about a potential Just Beyond season 2 release date

Just Beyond season 2 release date

What is the Just Beyond season 2 release date? When it comes to scary TV, it’s not always child-friendly, and that’s what makes Just Beyond such a unique show. Based on the graphic novels of the same name by R.L. Stine, Just Beyond is an anthology, with each of the eight episodes focussing on an independent horror story.

The TV series‘ showrunner, Seth Grahame Smith, is most famous for novels such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which was later adapted into a fantasy movie. For season 1 of the Just Beyond horror series, he was joined by a number of executive producers including Seth Grahame-Smith, David Katzenberg, Aaron Schmidt, David Walpert, Marc Webb, Stephen Christy, Ross Richie, and Robert Lawrence Stine.

Back in October 2021, during a panel at New York Comic-Con, Smith said he was open to future seasons, saying, “If Disney Plus wants another season, in my mind, there’s like, five more seasons of stories that I want to tell with this, at least. But it’s not my choice.” Clearly, there are a lot of routes this Disney Plus series can go, so here’s everything we know about a Just Beyond season 2 release date.

Just Beyond season 2 release date speculation

If we’re being honest, as of April 2023, it’s looking more and more likely that the Just Beyond season 2 release date isn’t happening at all. 

With season 1 being released over a year ago on September 2021, we feel like Disney Plus would’ve mentioned by now if there was a season 2 in the works — it’s common practise for the streaming service to do this for other original series within weeks of the first season dropping.

That being said, neither cast members nor those behind the scenes have stated that the series has cancelled, meaning that the fate of Just Beyond season 2 may not be sealed after all. It could be the case that they’re keeping an official season 2 announcement for a later date or, given their reputation as a spooky show, want to surprise fans with the unveiling.

Either way, we know from season 1 that it takes seven months from the start of production to the series dropping on-screen, so if we want to be optimistic for a September 2023 release date, we can keep our fingers crossed for news on production commencing in early 2023.

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Just Beyond season 2 plot speculation

There are countless short stories from R.L. Stine’s graphic novels that can be adapted into standalone stories for the Just Beyond season 2 plot.

These include The Scare School (where middle-schoolers find a monster wandering their school), The Horror at Happy Landings (where martians from outer-space take over the bodies of two children), Monstrosity (where monsters from classic horror movies come to life after a family buys a notorious Hollywood horror film studio), and many others.

Furthermore, as some anthology series have done in the past, some episodes may well continue the stories first told in season 1.

Just Beyond season 2 release date: Just Beyond season 1 cast

Just Beyond season 2 cast speculation

The Just Beyond season 2 cast will vary, because each episode has a different set of characters. If a second season is commissioned, it remains to be seen whether like American Horror Story, a number of cast members will return playing different roles, or if we can expect an entirely new line-up. If they decide to go down the American Horror Story route, here’s who we suspect might be among those returning:

Just Beyond season 2 cast speculation

  • McKenna Grace
  • Lauren Lindsey Donzis
  • Nasim Pedrad
  • Izabela Vidovic
  • Lexi Underwood
  • Cedric Joe
  • Emily Marie Palmer
  • Malcolm Barrett

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