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DC FanDome: The Flash teaser gives first look at Barry Allen’s new suit

The Flash movie is racing into cinemas next year, and we've had our first look at the Scarlet Speedster at DC FanDome

The Flash movie is racing into cinemas next year, and we’ve had our first look at the Scarlet Speedster at DC FanDome. Directed by horror movie veteran Andy Muschietti, The Flash stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen. Barry’s just an ordinary forensic investigator who is transformed into the fastest man alive after a fortuitous accident involving mysterious chemicals and a lightning bolt.

First introduced in Batman vs Superman, The Flash has made several appearances in the DCEU but this is his first solo movie. While exact plot details aren’t known yet, It’s believed that the action movie has been directly inspired by the Flashpoint storyline. This iconic comic crossover saw Barry accidentally break the universe (oops) when he tried to go back and save his mother from being killed.

Like the story it’s inspired by, The Flash won’t be the only superhero making an appearance. We’re going to be getting not one but two Batmen. The first will be the DECU’s Batman, played by Ben Affleck, while the second is the one and only Michael Keaton, who’s reprising the role of Bruce Wayne thanks to Barry travelling the Multiverse.

It’s expected that The Flash will serve as a soft reboot for the DCEU as a whole. This speculation lines up with comments made by The Flash producer Barbara Muschietti at the last DC Fandome.

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“Flash is the superhero of this film because he is the bridge between all of these characters and timelines,” she said during the event. “And in a way, it restarts everything and doesn’t forget anything.”

It’s been a long road to the silver screen for The Flash. Warner Bros. started planning the character’s solo movie as far back as 2013, but the company struggled to find a director or script they were happy with. Finally, in 2020, the studio settled on Muschietti as director, working on a script from Christina Hodson, with filming beginning in April 2021.

The Flash crosses the finish line into theatres on November 4, 2022.