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Ryan Reynolds believes Wonder Woman could beat up Deadpool and Black Adam

Marvel Actor Ryan Reynolds said that DC's Wonder Woman could beat up Deadpool and Black Adam in a fight.

Wonder Woman holding a sword and shield

Ryan Reynolds reckons that if he and his Red Notice co-stars, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, had to have a superhero standoff, Gadot would come out on top. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, at Red Notice’s L.A. premiere, the MCU actor said that if Wonder Woman, Black Adam, and Deadpool fought – Wonder Woman would win.

Although Reynolds, Gadot and Johnson teamed up to star in Netflix’s action movie Red Notice, the actors are generally known for their roles in separate superhero franchises. Johnson as Black Adam, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman:. Reynolds has become one of Marvel’s big screen icons with Deadpool. When asked which one of their spandex-wearing characters would win a fight, Reynolds settled on Wonder Woman.

“Black Adam, we don’t really know. We can’t rush to judgement before all the facts are in there,” Reynolds explained. “I guess that’s going to be a weird fight. I’m kind of unkillable. I don’t know what Wonder Woman’s status is there in the unkillable department -though she seems fairly unkillable.”

“Dwayne’s going to go just right away with Black Adam, I think,” Reynolds continued. “Gal’s going to have a little humility about it and say Wonder Woman or probably Black Adam, and I’m just gonna go with Wonder Woman.”

However, despite Reynolds saying he’d pick his own character Johnson agreed that Wonder Woman would be the winner in a fight between their characters.

“You have Deadpool and Wonder Woman and a guy who’s famous for wearing a fanny pack; that’s really about it,” he joked, referring to the viral pic of him wearing a turtleneck. “Who wins in a fight between Black Adam and Wonder Woman and Deadpool? Easily hands down, Wonder Woman.”