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George Clooney says Affleck’s Batman has “nothing” on his

If you're wondering who played the better Batman out of George Clooney and Ben Affleck, there's only one winner according to Clooney

George Clooney as Bruce Wayne in Batman and Robin

George Clooney has had many great roles over the years, from comedy movies to romance movies, but his time as a Batman actor is perhaps best forgotten. He is a better Batman than Ben Affleck though, if you ask Clooney himself.

Clooney played Bruce Wayne and his Dark Knight alter-ego in the much-maligned ‘90s movie Batman and Robin, his one and only outing in a Batman movie. In an industry saturated by a plethora of superhero movies right now, it’s always going to be hard for any actor to avoid speaking about their past as one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time.

It seems Clooney has no desire to hide from that role, though. In a video shared by The Hollywood Reporter to celebrate the opening of the Roybal Film and Television Production Magnet, Clooney crowned himself the best Batman.

“I mean, you look at me and you just think ‘Oh, he’s just the best Batman of all time,'” Clooney said, prompting laughter and applause from the crowd. When one audience member shouts out Ben Affleck’s name, Clooney quickly responds: “Really though, Ben Affleck, really? He’s got nothing on me.”

It’s a shame that kind of charm and humour was so lacking in Batman and Robin. Still, at least when it comes to rom-coms Clooney knows how to work his magic. Speaking of, there’s a new George Clooney movie coming soon, where he plays the ex-husband of his frequent collaborator Julia Roberts in Ticket to Paradise.

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