The Suicide Squad cast went to a strip club after filming

At a press conference The Suicide Squad revealed that they visited a strip club after filming

suicide squad strip club

Everyone needs to blow off some steam every now and again, and famous actors are no different. And it seems like a few members of The Suicide Squad cast and crew took full of advantage of Atalanta’s booming nightlife.

At a recent press conference to promote the new DCEU movie, one of the cast accidentally revealed that a few cast members visited a strip club on a night out. It was Idris Elba who let the cat out of the bag when an innocent question about what the cast got up to inbetween filming turned into something of a confessional.

It all started PG enough with Margot Robbie teasing that they got up to some “interesting weekend activities”, joking that they “explored Atlanta thoroughly”. David Dasmaltchian then said that people shouldn’t get the wrong idea and that they had a few fun game nights. The conversation then moved on to what bars they liked to visit while filming, at which point Elba blurted out, “You guys remember the strip club with the giant….”

We never found out what was giant, though, because the whole Squad started yelling at this point with Robbie groaning, “Okay, I wasn’t gonna bring up the strip club” while director James Gunn shouted: “That was the thing we were not bringing up Idris.” Unfortunately, the panel erupted into pure chaos at this point and with mischief, in his eyes, Pete Davidson spilt the beans.

“Now that we’re in here, we went to a strip club once, there were a bunch of, it was like for older… all the strippers were old,” he explained. “They just loved Joel so much, they didn’t pay any attention to me or Jai. Me and Jai were just sitting there, and all these old ladies were swooning over Joel. It was so funny.”

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Now it’s worth saying we don’t know which cast members went to the strip club with Davidson. Aside from allegedly Joel Kinnaman, of course…

The Suicide Squad is out now in the UK. Bring your gran. She’ll love it when she hears Joel Kinnaman’s in it.