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How to watch Dashcam – can you stream Rob Savage’s horror movie?

Rob Savage's new horror movie Dashcam is coming out, and we've all the details on where you can watch his latest found-footage production

How can you watch Dashcam? Rob Savage is back with another found-footage horror movie. This time, he’s not confined by a simple Zoom call, promising yet more terror in his distinctively lowkey style.

For Dashcam, we follow a woman, Annie, on a roadtrip with her band across Britain. This is still during the Covid-19 pandemic, so they’re navigating lockdowns and restrictions. On the way. she picks up an elderly woman and, look, you know how things go. Expect jump-scares, tense situations, and some genuine peril as everything goes very pear-shaped.

After the success of Host, where Savage made a full ghost movie using the boundaries of a standard Zoom call, Dashcam was picked up for distribution in theatres. This is a step forward from Zoom, which was largely available through streaming service Shudder. So, how can you watch Dashcam? That’s the big question, and with so much anticipation, one plent yare asking. We’ve the answers for you, just don’t mind the strange noises.

Where can you watch Dashcam?

You can see Dashcam in select cinemas across the US and the UK from June 3. As it’s an independent horror movie, there’s no guarantee of a showing near you. The best thing to do is to check local listings, and if it’s not there, request it.

Director Rob Savage has set up directories for both territories. You can find a graphic on Twitter with all confirmed American cinemas with Dashcam on, and the UK has its own handy website.

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Can you stream Dashcam?

As of now, you can’t stream Dashcam. We don’t know when the found footage mystery will land on home media either.

That said, we can guess it’ll be relatively soon, and likely on Shudder. This was the service that provided a home to Host, Rob Savage’s last picture, and given that it’s a smaller film, home media will be where it enjoys the most access and biggest audience.

We’ll keep you updated either way.