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Dashcam horror movie not being screened by Vue cinemas

Dashcam, the new horror movie from Rob Savage, has become the subject of controversy due to the apparent cancellation of screenings at Vue cinemas

Rob Savage's Dashcam

June 1, 2022 Vue has refuted that Dashcam was cancelled for it being offensive, instead stating the film isn’t being shown for commercial reasons.

Controversy has made the reputation off many a horror movie. One need only look at the video nasties for that. Dashcam, the new thriller movie from Rob Savage, appears to have had its screenings cancelled by a cinema chain, providing what will surely be the best advertising it could ask for.

The chain in question is the UK-based Vue. Savage shared an apparent message from the company, where it was stated that Dashcam wouldn’t be listed in any of Vue’s venues. “I have received feedback from our staffing screen and they have decided we won’t be showing Dashcam at any of our venues due to the contents of the movie, which may offend our audiences,” the screenshotted DM says. “We at Vue believe in diversity and any movie which may offend audiences, we may decide to no longer show at the last second without notice.”

In comment released to GamesRadar, a spokesperson for Vue said: “Our decision not to screen Dashcam was informed purely by the commercial conditions not being viable. We are currently investigating the cause of the incorrect information about our rationale for not screening this film, and we are sorry for any confusion that this has caused.”

In Dashcam, a woman is driving through the UK finds her roadtrip derailed by picking up Angela, who being spewing blood. As the title implies, the whole thing is captured from the perspective of either an iPhone or camera on the dash of the car, to create a particularly intimate, terrifying atmosphere.

Savage previously directed Host, a ghost movie that took place entirely within the confines off a free Zoom call during lockdown. The picture made inventive use of its formatting, and tugged at some real anxieties around pandemic life. Your mileage may vary, of course, and your tolerance for found footage may decide if these sound worthwhile or not.

In any case, you can find Dashcam in many cinemas across the UK and US.