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Curb Your Enthusiasm will return for season 12, says Larry David

The long-running American sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm will return for season 12 according to the show's star and creator, Larry David

Curb Your Enthusiasm will return for season 12, says Larry David

Curb Your Enthusiasm, the American sitcom that never ends, will return for another season. The show’s creator and star, comedian Larry David, has confirmed there is more to come from the hit TV series, with season 12 in the pipeline.

After first airing in 2000, Curb Your Enthusiasm has provided comedy fans with 11 seasons of the sardonic, satirical, and downright spiteful misadventures of Larry David. The show follows David, through a mockumentary, almost semi-biographical lens, as he navigates life as a television writer and producer in Los Angeles. The mean-spirited and stubborn protagonist doesn’t really do well in social situations, and usually ends up getting himself into a cringe-inducing hole, with no intentions to put aside the metaphorical shovel and stop digging.

When asked about the future of Curb Your Enthusiasm at a TV Academy event at the DGA on April 10, 2022, Deadline reports that David confirmed he would indeed be keen to do more and that the show will return for season 12. Whether it will continue beyond that, remains to be seen.

Season 11 of Curb Your Enthusiasm aired at the end of 2021, and saw Larry David getting up to his usual tricks of pissing people off and having to get himself out of messy situations.

We saw everything from legal battles, new relationships, and production of a new show in season 11, but details of what season 12 will offer are still unknown at this time.

As you can imagine from what is technically a one-man-show, Curb Your Enthusiasm relies heavily on the availability, interest levels, and creativity of Larry David, so the ball is very much in his park right now.

“As usual, if [Larry] has an area that he is excited about, we’ll do more. I imagine he will,” HBO and HBO Max Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys told Deadline in February.