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Terry Crews wants to do Brooklyn Nine-Nine heist movie

Terry Crews, one of the stars of comedy TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has an idea for a heist movie now that the last season has ended

Terry Crews in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The end is rarely the end for TV series, and as Brooklyn Nine-Nine has aired its last season, ideas are floating around for what’s next. One notion is a comedy movie that caps off everything for the cast of characters, and star Terry Crews has a strong notion.

The Hollywood Reporter brought up the subject to him, asking if he’d still be keen on a big screen sequel to the long-running show. “I am definitely still interested. I still think we could do a heist movie,” he says. “We always had our yearly heist episode and I think that would be brilliant, especially with Peacock and all the great things that NBC can already do.”

As Crew states, once a season, Brooklyn Nine-Nine included a Halloween special where someone tries to steal something within the precinct. This varies from Holt’s watch to Scully’s medical bracelet, and the competition gets more and more severe as the seasons go on. It’s always genuine fun, though, sometimes ending with Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) getting screwed in one way or another.

Crews has this potential feature-length excursion all mapped out. “I think that every cast-member will be down for us to do a nice hour and a half episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” he said. “Make it three episodes all involving the heist and a new heist and it would be all wonderful.”

The final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine finished in September 2021. The show follows a set of NYPD offices in their day-to-day lives watching the streets of Brooklyn. It survived cancellation after season 5, to wrap up on NBC with another three seasons. In it, Crews plays lieutenant Terry, a disciplined family man who works out a lot.

Could we see the Nine-Nine again? Time will tell, but the ideas are certainly ripe for more.