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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have a highly competitive Wordle group

Ben Affleck has revealed that he's in a highly competitive Wordle group chat with bestie Matt Damon, as well as Bradley Cooper, and Jason Bateman.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has given a new interview to The Hollywood Reporter in which he discusses a range of topics, from the DCU to his upcoming sports movie Air – which is about Nike using Michael Jordan to sell sneakers and becoming a phenomenon because of it. He also reveals that he’s in a celebrity group chat dedicated to Wordle.

“I had the no-energy COVID, where it was too much work to pick up the phone to play Octordle, which is just Wordle with more words. Don’t be impressed, it’s not harder. I was invited to join a cool little red-velvet-rope celebrity Wordle group. Matt [Damon]’s one of them. Jason Bateman and Bradley [Cooper].”

“Actually, the first rule of Wordle is don’t talk about Wordle. Unless you get it in three guesses. I used to do the crossword compulsively in the mornings and think I was good at word games. And let’s face it, going up against actors, it’s not a high bar. I expected to do fairly well, so I was seriously humbled.”

“You have to do the Wordle, the Quordle and the Octordle, and add up your score, and then whoever gets the lowest score wins for the day. It’s fiercely competitive, and there’s a lot of mockery and derision. So I’m in training.”

After almost 25 years between Good Will Hunting and The Last Duel, Affleck has reunited once again with Matt Damon for Air, which is directed by Affleck and stars his Wordle competitors Damon and Bateman. It will be released on April 5, 2023.

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