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Bee and PuppyCat is now streaming on Netflix

Popular animated series Bee and PuppyCat, made by Natasha Allegri and Federator Studios, now has new episodes available for streaming on Netflix

Bee and PuppyCat on Netflix

New episodes of cutesy animated series Bee and PuppyCat are now streaming on Netflix. The adorable TV series, about a woman who takes odd jobs with her animal companion that’s a cross between a cat and a dog, has fervent cult following that now might just become a little more mainstream.

Now, you can find the 13-episode Bee and PuppyCat season 2, dubbed ‘Lazy in Space’, streaming on Netflix. Another three episodes effectively re-edit the first season of shorts into longer, more cohesive storytelling are included. Previously, the first season of Bee and PuppyCat was only available on YouTube, but now the comedy series has been acquired by Netflix, allowing for more ambitious production and an even wider audience.

Created by Natasha Allegri, Bee and PuppyCat has gradually gained a large audience since debuting on YouTube in 2013. In the show, young woman Bee loses her job, and stumbles across the slightly off PuppyCat, who appears to be both feline and canine. After they become pals, they start taking odd jobs that only get odder and odder as time goes on.

Episodes are a mixture of whatever jobs Bee and PuppyCat have lined up, and their odd living situation. Think slice-of-life anime series, but with a distinctively American sense of animation.

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In fact, anime studios OLM and Dong Woo Animation have contributed to particular episodes. Federator Studios is the company behind the show, uploading episodes to its YouTube channel Cartoon Hangover. In 2020, Allegri and her crew signed a deal with NEtflix to distribute more, and the day for those episodes is finally here!

Bee and PuppyCat season 2 is available now on Netflix. Check out our list of the best Netflix anime for more charming adventures.