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Adam Sandler shares “pathetic” reason he has black eye

Adam Sandler loves a bit of slapstick comedy, but he's been on the receiving end of it himself recently after getting a black eye in an embarrassing accident

Adam Sandler black eye

Adam Sandler is known for his crazy antics in comedy movies like Happy Gilmore and Jack and Jill. But it looks like his life may not be a far cry away from his comedic personas as he appeared on Good Morning America with a black eye on June 6, 2022.

For some reason, Sandler can’t seem to get away from spontaneous shiners. In 2014, after appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with a black eye, he claimed the unborn child Drew Barrymore, who was his co-star in the romance movie 50 First Dates, was responsible for his bruise. “I looked up there, and this hand comes out and goes, ‘Boom!'” he said.

He then appeared with a black eye once again the following year on Jimmy Kimmel’s special NBA Finals Game Night. This time, however, his reason for the injury was more believable: he said it happened during a pickup game of basketball. “Some guy didn’t call a pick and smashed my head, my head blows and then I couldn’t lie about it,” the Uncut Gems star said.

In a strange turn of events, Sandler managed to go nearly seven whole years without getting another black eye: but revealed he lost his streak during an appearance on Good Morning America.

But this time, the reason for the injury wasn’t a rogue basketball or the unborn child of a rom-com co-star. Instead, he explained to the morning show anchors that he got the black eye after he kicked his feet to untuck his bedsheets in the middle of the night, which then caused his phone to go “flying” and hit him in the head. “That is the most elaborate black-eye story I’ve ever heard,” Good Morning America George Stephanopoulos added.

Personally, as far as Adam Sandler black eye stories go, I prefer the one about Drew Barrymore’s foetus. Can someone get this man a helmet?!