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Wes Anderson’s untitled new film will start filming in Spain

It's a mystery but it's happening in Spain

With the world premiere of the long-awaited movie, The French Dispatch, set to occur during the Cannes Film Festival later this week, famed filmmaker Wes Anderson is reportedly already preparing for his next blockbuster. According to Variety, the American director is setting his sights on Spain for his next cinematic project, which will start filming in September.

Known for modern classic works like the Grand Budapest Hotel, and the stop motion animated movie Fantastic Mr Fox, a new Wes Anderson film tends to be a hot topic, and his upcoming, currently untitled, film is already making headlines. Variety reports that the mysterious new project will be shooting in Spain, outside Madrid in the small town Chinchón.

Originally, production for the film was meant to take place in Rome. The destination switch to a more remote and desert-like area has prompted speculation that Anderson is maybe trying his hand at a Western. However, this hasn’t been confirmed, and currently, Anderson has been sparse on production details, as he is not ready to share his vision publicly just yet.

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There is also no word on when we can expect to see this enigma of a movie on the big screen. Anderson’s latest film, The French Dispatch, a comedy movie that follows three different storylines at a newspaper outlet, was officially announced back in 2018 but is only now making its world debut. We’ll have to see if this new, maybe-Western, can stay on track, and if it will possibly have a release date within the next two years.

In fairness, The French Dispatch would have premiered at last year’s Cannes festival. However, Covid-19 delayed the event, and the feature is currently expected to have a theatrical release October 16 across the US. A UK date has yet to be confirmed, but rest assured, we will update you as soon as any Wes Anderson word gets out.

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