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Lord of the Rings TV series Rings of Power shares 23 character posters

The Lord of the Rings Amazon Prime TV show, Rings of Power has shared 23 character posters ahead of its release in September

Rings of Power posters

The Lord of the Rings television series, coming to Amazon Prime in September, has revealed 23 character posters – showing costumes and props in amazing detail – but no faces, yet. The Rings of Power (as it is called) has a release date of September 2.

The first poster reveal appears to show a dwarf – holding an axe, with gold dust on his hands and wearing three pewter rings. The second figure also has gold on their hands and are adorned with golden jewellery. The third is adorned in a golden robe, with beautiful gold rings (one of the comments says that this must be a Witch King).

The fourth poster is of a figure in a grey cloak holding a sceptre with a castle on the top, which is rumoured to be the Sceptre of Annúminas. The fifth is wearing a silver suit of armour and is holding a stunningly beautiful gold and silver sword, which looks like entwined branches. People are speculating that Elrond is the figure in red robes holding a golden scroll, which looks like a map.

Another one shows what looks like an elf wearing a silvery-grey tunic adorned in leaves and a Treebeard-like face and holding an arrow. Another shows what must be a Rider of Rohan – with a sword with a horse on the hilt – they are dressed in reddish-brown scale mail with chain-links on it.

Some hobbity-looking fellows include someone holding large green acorns, someone holding large blackberries and someone in a green tunic with a rope over their arm.

One of the most beautiful posters depicts a figure in white and gold, with a tunic in shell-like layers, they hold a white flower in their hands. Another one shows someone in golden armour holding a sword adorned in a sun symbol. The last one depicts a figure in black armour, holding an intricate black sword with a spiked black gauntlet – people are speculating that this is Sauron.

You can see the posters on the official LOTRonPrime accounts on Instagram or Twitter;

Excitement is sure to build all year long as we learn more about the characters and potential storylines on the show, which has an absolutely whopping budget.

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