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Tired of dying in Elden Ring? Rent The Green Knight for 99c instead

Tired of being killed in the videogame Elden Ring? Rent The Green Knight for 99c and watch Dev Patel take on medieval missions instead

Tired of dying in Elden Ring? Rent The Green Knight for 99c instead

It seems the whole world is playing the videogame Elden Ring at the moment. And, it also seems like the whole world is getting frustrated at being killed by Elden Ring bosses, too. Well, if you’re tired of dying over and over again in the game, you could just rent the fantasy movie The Green Knight, sit back, and watch Dev Patel take on some medieval missions instead.

The Green Knight, an epic historical drama from movie studio A24 and renowned director David Lowery, stars Dev Patel as the legendary Sir Gawain. When a mysterious, monstrous being (AKA the titular Green Knight) arrives in Camelot on Christmas morning and challenges the Knights of the round table, Gawain steps forward and gets himself tangled in a dangerous, prophetic journey.

Instead of bashing buttons and seeing your health bar hit empty over and over again on Elden Ring, you could rent The Green Knight right now for just 99c on Apple Movies, and let Dev Patel take on an epic quest in your place.

Without spoiling the movie, Patel’s Gawain goes on quite the adventure in The Green Knight, meeting friends and foes along the way. Gawain might not enjoy the journey all that much, but it sure does make for brilliant viewing.

The Green Knight The Green Knight The Green Knight Apple 99c Rent

For just 99c, you can’t go wrong really. The Green Knight has stunning cinematography, a beautiful musical score, and Dev Patel with a sword. What more could you want?

Twitter user Nick Suttner has the right idea. In a tweet from Suttner on March 16, he suggested renting The Green Knight “if you want to watch someone else play Elden Ring for a while.”

I don’t know about you, but I know what I would rather do. However, if you’re still determined to overcome the Elden Ring bosses, why not check out this guide to Elden Ring dragon locations.