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Fairly OddParents live action series gets horrifying first trailer

Fairly OddParents has been rebooted as a live action-animation hybrid and fans are not happy about the first trailer

Fairly OddParents

Paramount Plus have released a first trailer for their live action reboot of beloved Nickelodeon animated series The Fairly OddParents, called Fairly Odder, and featuring an older Timmy who is going away to college. The show premieres on March 31, 2022.

In the trailer, Timmy (Caleb Pierce) is seen sporting a pink hat and pink shirt that says Princeton on it. He says to his 13 year old cousin Viv (Audrey Grace Marshall); “I want you to meet the two best things that’s ever happened to me.” Cosmo and Wanda, in their original animated design, fly out of Timmy’s backpack and announce “We’re your Fairy Godparents!”

Viv’s new step-brother Roy (Tyler Wladis) is also there and they agree to share the wishes – “what could possibly go wrong?” And guess what, plenty! Turns out Roy is a mini Midas and wishes everything were gold and um, hilarity ensues? The trailer reveals that this will have the unnaturally bright and clean aesthetic of most American kids’ shows and the loudly annoying characters that tend to come with them. Reaction online has not been positive.

Twitter reactions are mostly about how awful the show looks. Comments include; “It’s truly incredible that they managed to combine all the worst parts of Fairly OddParents and Nick sitcoms into one show” and “I can’t stop laughing” and “Cancel, cancel it with fire!”

If you would like a feast for both the eyes and ears, check out the new trailer here;

And the synopsis is as follows; “Ty Turner uproots his life to reunite with his high school sweetheart, Rachel Raskin, in the town of Dimmsdale, thrusting his cautious 13-year-old daughter, Viv, into a new world where she does not fit in.”

“Once there, Viv’s cousin, Timmy, entrusts his fairy godparents, Wanda and Cosmo, to help her adjust by taking her under their wings. Witnessing the fairy transfer take place, Viv’s charismatic new stepbrother, Roy, also inherits them, and the two siblings must take turns making wishes. Together, they learn to overcome the obstacles in their path, all with the help from their new wand-wielding and wish-granting fairy godparents.”

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