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Spider-Man robot crashes at Disney park, and we feel its pain

We don't like to see Spidey hurt himself, but a robotic Spider-Man has crashed at a Disney theme park and we challenge you not to laugh

Spider-Man crying in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Being a superhero is a dangerous job and once you pull on the mask of Spider-Man, you’re likely to get hurt. That’s certainly the case for a stuntronic Spider-Man robot at a Disney theme park, which has recently crashed and burned in epic fashion. No one likes to see Spidey in pain, but it’s okay to laugh in this instance.

A clip has gone viral recently from the Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure theme park, of a Spider-Man robot which appears to malfunction during a stunt where it leaps from a rooftop. The stunt didn’t quite go to plan, leaving the Spidey robot to perform a bizarre plank manoeuvre right into the side of a building.

The wall-crawling bot is modelled on the MCU version of Spider-Man, but don’t worry, Tom Holland is not actually in this particular suit. It’s a good job, because the crash landing of the robot in question here looks especially painful. Seen as no humans were harmed in this incident, we feel like it’s acceptable to laugh.

Hopefully our future robot overlords never read this article, but it is hard not to find the funny in seeing the automated Spider-Man absolutely wallop into a building at the entertainment resort.

We may not have much sympathy for the stunt robot, but we do feel for the poor children who were watching on and will now probably be traumatised having seen their favourite hero die before their very eyes. Won’t somebody think of the children!?


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There was reportedly some disturbance to showtimes at the resort after the incident, but repair work has been ongoing and everything appears to be back to normal on the Avengers Campus now.

We can’t wait to see Tom Holland pull off this stunt in the next MCU movie!