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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse feels “groundbreaking”

Composer Daniel Pemberton has given an update on animated sequel Across the Spider-Verse, saying that it "feels really groundbreaking"

Into the Spider-Verse

After the huge success of animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – both critically and financially – its follow up Across the Spider-Verse is hotly anticipated. It has unfortunately been subject to delays, and is now expected in June 2023. Now the film’s score composer Daniel Pemberton has provided an update to ScreenRant on how things are coming along.

“I think all of us on it are really pushing for it to be the best it can be. I’m really pleased, we’ve got more time on it, I’ve seen what they’re trying to do and it is amazing. Some of the ideas and techniques just feel really groundbreaking.”

“I think sometimes when people make sequels, they’re like, ‘Let’s just bash this out quickly, no one will care, we’ll make loads of money.’ But there’s a thing I think when you let people down who had a lot of hope. I think it started with Phantom Menace, there was so much hope for this film and expectation and it was the first time I think people started to really feel let down.”

Pemberton continued; “I think with Spider-Verse, we got a chance to really do something magical and I think all of us on it know that. It’s going to sort of consume my life, well it’s really consuming their lives. I’m keeping my hands clean for a month or so and then I’m going to be all on it.”

It’s possible the filmmaking team are taking any feedback received from recent screenings of footage at CinemaCon and Annecy and using that to inform the remaining time they have working on the film. Star Shameik Moore took to his Twitter a few months ago to share his response to seeing some version of the film, calling it “incredible” while co-writer/producer Christopher Miller responded to the recent release delay, assuring that the filmmakers are using the extra time to “make it great.”

Animation is a labour-intensive process, and is likely to be subject to the same delays VFX houses have been experiencing during the pandemic.

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