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Kramer in Seinfeld wore the same shoes for entire TV series

A 1998 interview with Seinfeld's costume designer gives some insights into how much the actors were set in their ways, just like their characters

Kramer Seinfeld

While women the world over were going into hair salons during the 1990s and asking for The Rachel, the other popular sitcom of the decade was not exactly known for influencing style or fashion. However, the four main characters of Seinfeld had distinct and memorable looks in their own ways, and Jason Alexander’s George Costanza becoming something of a style icon.

As an LA Times article from 1998 points out; “Even if you never noticed what they wore, there’s no mistaking them for anybody else. That in itself is a costume success story.” The costume designers on the show faced several challenges, not least of which was hiding that fact that Julia Louis-Dreyfuss was pregnant – twice.

Costume designer Charmaine Simmons said; “Jerry never liked choices. He wanted me to put one thing in his [dressing] room so he could put it on and go out to the set. He said, ‘I don’t like choices,'” which is something you can absolutely imagine Seinfeld saying. And Alexander didn’t like to wear neckties. “We’ve had a few incidents over ties,” Simmons claimed. These actors sound exactly like their characters, let’s be honest.

For Michael Richards’ Kramer, it was all about consistency. Richards wore the same shoes for the entire run of the series – two pairs of identical black Doc Martens. Richards was very attached to his shoes. “Every day for rehearsals he wore the shoes and usually grabbed one of his flecked wool blazers,” Simmons said.

Regardless of what they wore – Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer have become iconic characters who have stood the test of time, and are still constantly memed and gifed to this day.

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