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Scream 25th anniversary 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray coming in October

Time to grab your Ghostface mask, Scream is getting a 4K release

man in a mask holding a knife

Everyone’s Halloween plans just got a major upgrade this year, as a Scream 4K Ultra HD release is reportedly on its way. According to a tweet from Dawn of the Discs, Wes Craven’s classic horror franchise will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with an all-new Blu-Ray edition, scheduled to drop on October 12.

Since its release, the 1996 American slasher has been a pop culture phenomenon, inspiring tons of spin-offs, reboots, and is responsible for revolutionising last-minute Halloween costumes with its iconic Ghostface mask. Its latest instalment, Scream (also known as Scream 5), is set to hit the big screen in 2022. It’s a long wait for all us impatient fans itching for more murderous fun, so the news of an upcoming Blu-Ray release of Craven’s original films is a welcomed surprise.

We all knew something big was on its way this year with Scream turning 25, and Dawn of the Discs confirmed our suspicions when they found an unexpected listing on HD Movie Source’s website for the upcoming 4K release.

Currently, the only information about this special edition of Scream comes from the HD Movie Source listing as Paramount is yet to officially announce the news. However, the online supplier confirmed via social media that the Blu-Ray would come out in October, and so far, it looks like we can expect the standard two-disc set-up (one Blu-Ray disc, one 4K disc).

No special features have been disclosed yet, with Paramount keeping hush hush about the horror flick for the moment. However, as the franchise hits the quarter-century milestone, and with a new film fast approaching, fans can expect something big will be included to get us all into the teen-killing, Ghostface mood.

In the meantime, we will keep an eye out for any updates, and continue to stalk Paramount until new news breaks. Head over to our list of the best horror movies for more murderous fun.