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Robert De Niro declined Jennifer Lawrence’s wedding in the best way

Going to a friend's wedding can be a pain in the bum but Robert De Niro had an ingenious way of escaping Jennifer Lawrence's wedding rehearsal

Robert De Niro in Meet The Parents

Going to a friend’s wedding can be a pain in the arse (if you’re a friend and reading this, I’m not talking about you). You have to get a hotel, get a nice outfit, and spend an awful lot of money just to go to what’s essentially a really expensive party.

I can’t fault Robert De Niro then for wanting to skip Jennifer Lawrence’s nuptials. Still, the star of some of the best movies ever made found a particularly ingenious way to escape the Hunger Games leading lady’s wedding dinner.

He came to the dinner but when given a (presumably hypothetical) opportunity to leave, he actually did. Lawrence explained what happened during a recent interview with Vogue.

“[De Niro’s] amazing on set. He’s just the sweetest man in the world, still very intimidating,” Lawrence explained. “I invited him to my rehearsal dinner for my wedding, obviously expecting him not to come. And when he came, I said, ‘Bob, you really don’t have to be here; you can go home.’ He was like, ‘Thank you so much’, and left.”

Genius, what’s the best way to get out of something you don’t want to do? Just take a moment of gracious surprise as an opportunity to leave. I’ll remember that one if I’m ever invited to another wedding.