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Become an MCU expert with up to 46% off Marvel reference books

The reference books, Marvel Encyclopedia and Marvel Greatest Comics are now both on offer, giving you a chance to brush up on MCU knowledge.

Spider-Man- Captain America, and Black Panther from the cover of the Marvel Encyclopedia.

The Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness release date is now just a few months away and it looks set to draw from many different aspects of Marvel’s history, especially if the rumours are true. If you want to make sure that you’re all filled in when it comes to Marvel knowledge, you may be pleased to hear that a couple of key Marvel reference books are now up to 46% off on Amazon.

Firstly, there’s the Marvel Encyclopedia (New Edition), which is now 46% off. This book details many of the key characters from the history of Marvel, explaining who they are, what they do in different timelines, and more. If you’re interested in finding out about alternative versions of your favourite characters from the movies, or want to read about the characters who have yet to make their big screen debut, this could make for a fascinating read.

Then there’s Marvel Greatest Comics: 100 Comics that Built a Universe, which is 44% off. What this book does is give you an overview of 100 of the most significant comics in Marvel’s history. Do you know the contents of the very first Marvel comic? Did you know about Groot’s origins as an evil alien invader? Or that Captain America’s service in the Second World War was written while the war was still ongoing? It gives you a fascinating insight into how the Marvel brand, and its individual characters, developed over time.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is becoming as big and convoluted as its comic counterpart. If you ever find yourself feeling a bit ‘locked out’ for not getting certain references, or not understanding who some of the characters are, this is a good way to give yourself a fairly comprehensive understanding of Marvel’s history. It’s a lot easier than having to read however many thousands of comics they’ve put out so far, anyway.

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What makes this even more exciting is that you may find yourself discovering the storylines of future MCU movies. With such a wealth of characters and storylines left untouched by the films, you never know what Disney’s going to draw from for its next lineup of movies. It’s certainly very satisfying when you can see the pieces falling together and are then able to accurately predict where the story is going, because you know the comics so well.

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It’s unclear exactly how long these chunky discounts are going to remain in place, so if you would like to have these two tomes upon your bookshelf, make sure you don’t wait too long and miss your opportunity to get these bargains. We don’t even know for sure that Amazon won’t remove these discounts by the end of the week.

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