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New Hawkeye trailer released

New trailer for Marvel's Hawkeye released

Marvel has shared a brand new teaser for Hawkeye – with the first two episodes premiering on 24 November on Disney Plus.

The new teaser doubles-down on the Christmassy nature of the show – calling it a ‘Six-Part Holiday Event’ and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) uttering the line; “we’re saving the holidays.”

Set to ‘Deck the Halls’, the teaser also sees Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) becoming a “Karen” by saying; “can I speak to your manager?” There also seems to be some kind of medieval reenactment – maybe Clint and Kate attend a Ren Faire? And finally, Kate Bishop gets excited about “trick arrows.”

With Lucky the Pizza Dog wearing a Christmas bobbly headband, the Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree and an inflatable Santa – Disney sure are banking on our festive spirit.

While this new teaser doesn’t provide much in the way of new information, we were able to glean several clues from the longer trailer, released in September.

One of the things we’re most excited about it is the glimpse of Rogers: The Musical – and we’re hoping we get to see way more of twirling Steve in the show itself.

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It appears that Kate has taken on the mantle Hawkeye’s dark alter-ego – Ronin – which is surely going to lead to an initial conflict between the two characters, before they adopt a mentor-apprentice relationship.

We don’t know exactly who the “big bad” of the show will be yet – but it looks like Bishop has been taking on gangs in New York City – one of whom may be the Tracksuit Mafia. Vera Farmiga pops up in both trailers and we know that she’s playing Eleanor Bishop, Kate’s mother, who may potentially have a villainous role.

Hype is now building for the show, which is being carefully timed to release around Thanksgiving in the US. Here’s hoping that it will be a delightful gift to open this festive season.