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Loki is gender-fluid new Marvel promo confirms

After years of fan speculation marvel has confirmed Loki is gender-fluid


Loki, the god of mischief, tortured antihero, and occasional supervillain (if the mood strikes them), has been confirmed as gender-fluid. In a promotional clip for the upcoming Loki TV show, we get a glimpse at the Asgardian’s rap sheet, which eagle-eyed fans noticed lists their sex as “fluid”. The news has been warmly received by fans who took to social media to celebrate the reveal.

One fan wrote: “This makes me so incredibly happy, finally it’s canon that Loki is gender fluid.” While another said: “Anyone who b*tches about this has no clue about Norse mythology being gender fluid is one of the tamer things Loki would be known for...”.

The character of Loki has so far been portrayed by a man (Tom Hiddleston) in the MCU. However, in the original mythology that the character is based on, Loki was a shapeshifter who could choose to appear as either a man or a woman.

Similarly, the character has been portrayed as a woman in the comics, most notably in the 2008 Thor series when Loki possessed a female body meant for their fellow Asgardian Lady Sif (comics are complicated, it makes sense in context). This has all led to a lot of speculation online about whether the female version of Loki will appear in the upcoming Disney Plus TV series. The reveal that Loki is canonically gender-fluid would appear to lend credence to the theory that a female incarnation of the character will appear in the show.

Set after the events of Endgame (or maybe during them, time travel makes things confusing), the TV series Loki will see an alternate version of the adopted Asgardian (played by Hiddleston) recruited by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and offered a choice, work for them or be destroyed. Preferring to stay alive, Loki must then travel through space and time putting right what once went wrong in the hope of stopping a greater threat.

You’ll have to tune in to see what that threat is, but if you need more Marvel in your life right now, be sure to check out our guide on how to watch all the Marvel movies in order.

Loki premieres exclusively on Disney+ on June 9