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Kevin Bacon just joined one of the most anticipated horror movies

A24 has announced the cast of upcoming horror movie MaxXxine, which rounds out his Mia Goth trilogy. This has the biggest name cast yet, including Kevin Bacon.

Kevin Bacon

After making the unusual decision to release both his 70s-set horror movie X and its WWI-era prequel Pearl within the same year, Ti West is now gearing up to make the final film in the trilogy – the 80s set MaxXxine. Today, the full and exciting cast line-up has been announced for the A24 movie and we can see who will be joining Mia Goth in her lead role.

A24 has released a brief teaser including their cast announcements, with Elizabeth Debicki, Moses Sumney, Michelle Monaghan, Bobby Cannavale, Lily Collins, Halsey, Giancarlo Esposito, and Kevin Bacon all climbing aboard the West-Goth train. The teaser is set to Animotion’s 1984 hit song Obsession and the cast’s names are displayed in a very 80s pink font.

MaxXxine will follow on from X, which was set in 1979 and starred Goth as aspiring porn star Maxine. MaxXine will find the only survivor of the ordeal in the first movie now in 1985 Los Angeles, probably still working within the porn industry as she tries to make it into mainstream success as an actress.

MaxXxine has far the biggest name cast of the three movies, likely indicating that the budget is also considerably higher. Elizabeth Debicki is currently playing Princess Diana in The Crown, Michelle Monaghan is known for the Mission: Impossible franchise, Giancarlo Esposito can currently be found in The Mandalorian, and Lily Collins is the star of the hugely popular Emily in Paris on Netflix.

The biggest name of course is Hollywood veteran Kevin Bacon, who has experience with horror movies such as the first Friday the 13th movie, Flatliners, Stir of Echoes, Hollow Man, and most recently They/Them.

Mia Goth was showered with praise for her double performance as Maxine/Pearl in X, with some incredible make up effects work. Her performance in the prequel Pearl also saw many discussing Oscar nominations, but horror movie performances tend to be overlooked by the Academy. Our Pearl review says that; “West knows that Goth is his greatest weapon. She is the centrifugal force at the centre of what will now be a trilogy, and you cannot tear your eyes away from her.”