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Apple Music launches spatial and lossless audio

Audiophiles have something to look forward as Apple Music launches spatial and lossless audio support

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Big news audiophiles! Apple has confirmed that come June (after its IOS 14.6 update), it will be supporting both Spatial Audio and Lossless audio for Apple Music. Apple users can look forward to the whole new 3D listening experience later this month, as tons of features are promised with the update that will be accessible via multiple Apple products, including iPhone, Apple TV, iPad and macs.

The best news is that all these big changes and audio improvements are free for Apple users, meaning you get Lossless and Spatial Audio included in your current products. The second exciting fact is that come launch, there will be thousands of songs added for Spatial Audio, with more to be included over time. Paired with this, Apple users will get access to an impressive 12 million songs supporting Lossless Audio this June, and a promised 75 million to be added before the end of 2021.

A playlist that showcases Apple’s Spatial Audio feature will also be curated, with the company partnering with huge artists to appease its clients with popular and current hits.

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Ariana Grande, The Weekend, and Maroon 5 are a few artists signed on to work with Apple, and more big names are expected to be added to its list. Dynamic head tracking was also announced to be accompanying the audio updates this fall, making each listening experience as immersive as possible.

The addition of Spatial and Lossless Audio support not only answers high-end audio enthusiast prayers but will also be compatible with a wide variety of headphones. Apple confirmed that any of their products that support either the H1 or W1 chip will work with Spatial Audio feature. That means pretty much all recent Apple headphones are good to go for the new update, including Beats products, and even the original AirPods.

However, before we all start jumping for joy or prepping our eardrums in excitement, it’s been announced that Spatial Audio for video is less accessible than its music counterpart.

Spatial Audio for videos is still only supported on AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. Only these devices will allow users to experience a complete surround sound audio journey. However, we can all look forward to Apple addressing this in the future.

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