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Game of Thrones prequel 10,000 Ships gets writer

We're going way back on House Martell

Another of HBO’s Game of Thrones spinoffs has found its scribe. Amanda Segel is writing 10,000 Ships, a prequel to the epic fantasy drama we know and love, set during a relatively obscure time in Westeros’ history.

As reported by Deadline, Segel, who’s written and produced such shows as Helstrom, The Mist, Person of Interest, and Skull and Bones, has been tapped to pen the series. Taking place during the Second Spice War in Westeros, 10,000 Ships will focus on the treacherous journey made by Princess Nymeria and the Rhoynars from Essos to Dorne, after they were defeated by the Valyrian Freehold. Princess Nymeria would go on to marry Lord Mos Martell, and lead the kingdom of Dorne and House Martell.

This voyage occurred a good thousand years before the events of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire, and the most direct reference is that Nymeria is the namesake of Anya Stark’s direwolf. Other than that, mentions are scant across the novels and the show, though you can find some more information in companion books. All of which is to say, this is largely unwritten, unexplored territory, making it an easy choice for a series.

10,000 Ships is but one of a growing line of productions HBO is said to have in development based in the Game of Thrones universe. House of the Dragon, looking at House Targaryen 300 years prior to Daenerys’ time, is currently shooting, for a 2022 debut.

The Targaryens may also appear in a reported adaptation of The Tales of Dunk and Egg, about Ser Duncan the Tall and Aegon Targaryen, the respective dunk and egg. Flea Bottom and 9 Voyages are another two reportedly in development, though beyond George R.R. Martin’s involvement in the latter, not much is known.

Finally, an animated series that may land on HBO Max is potentially in the mix. That’s a lot of Game of Thrones – whatever happens, it seems we have plenty more excursions to Westeros to look forward to.