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This Elf actor wants sequel without Will Ferrell

Faizon Love reveals how he wants a Elf sequel without Will Ferrell, and to star in its leading role.

Elf actor wants sequel without Will Ferrell

The 2003 comedy movie Elf is often considered one of the best Christmas movies of all time. However, due to Will Ferrell’s reluctance to return as the festive flick’s main character, it has never gotten a sequel. But Elf actor, Faizon Love, has recently revealed that he believes an Elf 2 would work better without Ferrell anyway, and would love to star as the sequel’s leading role.

In October 2021, Will Ferrell told The Hollywood Reporter that he had turned down a $29 million paycheck to make Elf 2. With the actor’s refusal to sign onto the project, it seemed like it would take a holiday miracle for a sequel to come to life. However, in an interview with TMZ, Love, who played Wanda (the manager of the Gimbels store in Elf), explains how Ferrell leaving the series lets Elf 2 potentially embrace the future and introduce a Black main character.

“I think Elf 2 could happen with Faizon Love. What’s wrong with a Black elf? I think America is ready for a Black elf. You had a Black president, you had an orange president, now it’s time for a Black elf,” Love said. “I was surprised [Will Ferrell] he turned down that much money. If they would’ve asked me to do it for some potato chips and $3500 [I’d do it]. He turned down $29 million? Wow. Whoa.”

Directed by Jon Favreau, the family movie Elf tells the story of Buddy (Ferrell), a human child who was brought up in the North Pole. After finding out he is adopted and doesn’t quite fit in with the tiny elves, he goes out searching for his father in New York City. The story formula can easily be adapted as Love suggests, and who knows, we may still get to see an Elf 2 with or without Will Ferrell.

Currently, there is no Elf 2 in production. While we wait to see if Love will get his wish and replace Ferrell in an Elf sequel, why not look over our guide to the best fantasy movies of all time.