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Snow White star Rachel Zegler was “terrified” of original Disney movie

Rachel Zegler is set to bring Snow White to life in a live-action adaptation of the classical Disney movie, but she has a complicated relationship with it

We were all scared of things as a kid. Some might be worried about creatures under their bed after watching too many monster movies, or others might be paranoid about things going bump in the night after watching their first horror movie.

Those are fine — they’re objectively scary. But there are also people who were scared of stuff as a kid, which, looking back, is objectively weird. For me, it was a pathological fear of The Gorillaz band, and for future Disney Princess Rachel Zegler, it was the classical animated movie, Snow White. The only slightly awkward part is that she’ll be portraying the character in a live-action Disney movie.

Starring opposite Zegler will be DC movie star Gal Gadot, who will portray the iconic Disney villain, the Evil Queen. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where co-star Gadot joined her, Zegler opened up about her bizarre phobia.

“I was scared of the original cartoon. I think I watched it once, and then I never picked it up again,” she recalled.

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“I’m being so serious, I watched it once, and then I went on the ride in DisneyWorld, which is called, ‘Snow White’s Scary Adventures.’ It doesn’t sound like something a little kid would like, was terrified of it, never revisited Snow White again. So, I watched it for the first time in probably 16-17 years when I was doing this film.”

The live-action Snow White, which is going to be a musical, is set to be released sometime in 2024.