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The Batman deleted scene reveals The Joker

Warner Brothers have released a five minute cut-scene from Matt Reeves' The Batman which reveals much more of a certain inmate of Arkham Asylum

The Joker The Batman

Avoid this article if you don’t want spoilers regarding the ending of The Batman! When the closing moments of The Batman happened and a laugh we would recognise anywhere rang out across Arkham Asylum, hype immediately went into overdrive as to the future of Reeves/Pattinson Batman movies. It looks like a foregone conclusion that there will be another Bat-movie from the duo, and that the villain will be… The Joker, as played by Barry Keoghan.

Warner Brothers have now made the surprising decision to release a five-minute cut scene, which features a full-blown conversation between Battinson and Keoghan’s Joker which takes place at Arkham. Bats approaches a gnarly and horrifically scarred prisoner, and we get the impression that this isn’t for the first time, and shows him the file on The Riddler.

It’s very much a Silence of the Lambs scenario, with Detective Wayne asking for advice from one criminally insane individual about how to catch another. During the conversation, it comes across that The Joker knows Batman well and uses what he knows to needle and goad his foe, through a prison window.

Keoghan’s Joker makes repeated reference to it being their first anniversary, which could suggest that the next film will be a prequel, going back a year to show the Bats-and-Joker showdown.

R-Batz tries to steer the conversation back to The Riddler, but The Joker says; “but you are so much more fun,” and then says “you two have so much in common…masked avengers.” At the end of the clip, we get some close up shots of The Joker’s face, revealing impressive make up work.

You can see the deleted scene below;

YouTube Thumbnail


While it’s understandable why this scene did not make the final three-hour cut of The Batman, it may have been better to withhold the full Joker reveal for the inevitable sequel. But if you want a teaser of Keoghan stepping into the shadow of Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Joaquin Phoenix…and knocking it out of the park, check out the scene above.

While we wait for The Batman: The Joker (*suggested title for the sequel, someone call Matt Reeves), check out our guide to the Easter eggs you may have missed.