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Schwarzenegger’s Mr Freeze in Batman and Robin made his son cry

It must be pretty strange seeing your dad play a supervillain in a Batman movie, so strange in fact that it made Arnold Schwarzenegger's son cry

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze in Batman and Robin

As far as Batman movies go, the much-maligned Batman and Robin movie of the ‘90s may well be the worst ever. The camp, cringeworthy Joel Schumacher flick gave us pretty much everything you wouldn’t want from a Batman movie, including Bat-nipples and a wise-cracking Mr Freeze who was basically a walking pun machine. But one person didn’t find him funny at all, and that is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son.

Legendary actor Schwarzenegger signed on to play the iconic Batman villain and brought a bizarre but commendable energy to the role. He totally transformed for the part too, being sprayed head to toe in blue paint, wearing a bald cap, and even putting battery acid in his mouth (by accident).

In a feature by The Hollywood Reporter back in 2017, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the DCEU movie, various members of the cast and crew reflected on the experience of making the film. Production supervisor Jacqueline George recalled the moment Schwarzenegger’s son visited set, and burst into tears at the sight of his dad in full Freeze costume.

“The nanny brought him in, and Arnold, dressed as Mr Freeze walked over to his son, and his son started crying,” George explained. “He was smoking a cigar after we cut. He’s like, ‘It’s daddy!'”

“And [his son is] like, ‘No it’s not!’ It was so cute, because he was just a little boy,” George continued. “I thought how strange that must be to see your dad in a Mr Freeze costume,” she concluded.

To be fair to the little guy, Batman and Robin brought us to tears too, but for very different reasons. Schwarzenegger, to his credit, gave everything to the role. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Batman actor George Clooney, although he didn’t exactly have the best material to work with.