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Julie Andrews still doesn’t know what her Aquaman character was

Julie Andrews has enjoyed a glittering career in Hollywood, but one role remains a mystery to her - she doesn't know what her Aquaman character was meant to be

Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music

Julie Andrews has enjoyed a glittering career in Hollywood, spanning over 70 years, with leading roles in some of the most iconic and best movies of all time. But, one particular role remains an absolute mystery to Andrews, who still cannot work out what her Aquaman character was supposed to be.

Andrews has played the titular character in the family movie Mary Poppins, was Oscar nominated for her role in the musical The Sound of Music, and has played a queen on more than one occasion, in the 2000s movie The Princess Diaries, and providing her voice to the animated movie Shrek.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Andrews explains how vocal performances are becoming more and more common for her, preferring to bring animated characters to life or providing narration, rather than appearing on screen herself. So, it should come as no real surprise that Andrews was tapped up by the DCEU to lend her vocal talents to a sea creature for the DCEU movie Aquaman. What exactly that character was though, no one really seems to know.

“[Voice acting] sort of started and grew—and it’s wonderful. I don’t have to get hair and makeup anymore,” Andrews said. “I just go into the studio and do my voiceovers.”

“It’s a whole other kind of moviemaking. You just chuck everything at the wall and they take what they want out of it,” the actor explained. “There’s a lot of experimentation.”

“Apart from Despicable Me and Bridgerton, and, umm… [laughs] I’m not going to mention Aquaman, where I play some kind of a sea serpent or something,” Andrews added. “But what interesting things to get one’s voice into!”

To be fair to Andrews, we’re just as confused as she is. You’ll be able to hear the soothing tones of Julie Andrews next in the upcoming Minions movie which is set for release on July 1, 2022.